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Men’s Wrist Watches Automatic Mechanical with Luminous Tritium (Green Light-Black Dial)

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Men’s Wrist Watches Automatic Mechanical with Luminous Tritium (Green Light-Black Dial)

Tritium is the latest generation of luminous materials,Its luminescence is produced for
long periods without external energy sources. it provides a very reliable low-intensity
light source for watch illumination. The color of light produced by GTLS is available in blue
and green.Green is usually the brightest color , Blue it is not as bright as green.
The GTLSs used in watches give off a small amount of light: not enough to be seen in daylight,
but enough to be visible in the dark from a distance of several meters.
Tritium exit signs usually come in three brightness levels guaranteed for 10-, 15-, or 20-year
useful life expectancies.The difference between the signs is how much tritium the manufacturer installs.
Carnival watches are guaranteed for 25 year and we strictly control the age of tritium.
guaranteed storage time is within one year.ear.

What can I do when the watch stop?
Fully winding up spring need be turn the crown clockwise 40-50 rounds to start the watch and give it some reserve power,
Self-winding automatic movement watch needs to wear every day (for about 8 to 12 hours a day),

The Automatic Wrist Watch is wound by the motion of the wearer’s arm,that is wound by wrist morements thanks to the rotor,
this device winds the watch’s mainspring automatically using the natural motions of the wrist, with a rotating-weight mechanism.
If an automatic watch is not worn for a day or two, Or the natural movement of the wrist is very small,it will wind down and need to be Supplementary winding by hand to get it started again,turning a Crown winding attached to a ratchet which twists the mainspring tighter,Energy is stored in the mainspring manually by winding it up.

A separate set of gears called the keyless work winds the mainspring when the crown is rotated,
and when the crown is pulled out a short distance allow the hands to be turned to set the watch.Japanese 21 Jewels automatic self-winding movement with analog display, exhibition caseback

Tritium luminous(super bright), made with the youngest Tritium (with no more than one year of storage) to glow up to 25-years without charging
Case size diameter: 39 millimeters, thickness: 12 millimeters
Waterproof to 30M, withstands rain and splashes of water, but not hot water showering

Luminous brightness: With the Swiss T25 Tritium, Tritium luminous is much brighter than ordinary fluorescent night light, and the brightness reaches the highest level. But it will still be weaker than the night light of the electronic watch with built-in LED lights

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