Men’s Watches Guide To Choose The Best Watch

Men's Watches Guide To Shoose The Best Watch


The choice of new men’s watches to suit your needs, styles and budget at the same time is often a difficult task for every man. And this is a fact! There are a lot of different things to discuss when it comes to gathering information on the best men’s watches and everyone will have their own definition of a good watch.  But how can you determine what your ideal model could be when the market offers an infinite choice?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then you’ve come to the right place! My name is Adam, and welcome to my little site dedicated to watches where you’ll find useful guides, tips, and reviews to choose the one that best suits your needs. Before starting to read this guide, let me explain how to best use the information on the site.

Surely you will know some brands of men’s watches, as you will also know that each one has dozens and dozens of very similar models that differ in small, often imperceptible aspects.

The problem arises when you decide to buy one, then look at the photos, in case the purchase is decided to do it online, and then what happens? That we can’t explain why a watch has a very different price than the other, perhaps from the same manufacturer, yet they look the same.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

That’s why you need to read this guide. Below I will give you all the elements you need to evaluate in order to buy your watches wisely and consciously.


Analog or digital watches?

Analog or digital watches

This is the first question you must answer. What kind of display would you like to have for your wristwatch? Perhaps the greatest advantage of analog men’s watches is their undoubted beauty. They are more attractive to people. And when you want to impress the people around us, wearing an analog top-class wristwatch, such as  Omega or TAG Heuer, will surely help you achieve this with minimal effort!

Wearing a high-quality analog chronograph (which does not necessarily mean luxury) will make your presence stand out even in important events such as business meetings or ceremonies, making you feel like a man at the center of attention. This is because you are wearing a prestige accessory that people around you will watch and admire.

The analog display also makes it easier to read the time at a glance. And when you’re in a low-light environment, this type of display will make your life easier, especially those with luminescent dials and hands.

For digital watches, perhaps the biggest advantage over analog ones is that they can show the time exactly to the second. Digital products also have more features and functions than analog ones, simply because they have integrated electronic circuits!

Thanks to the nature of their structure, digital men’s watches are more resistant to damage caused by falls or barrel to the wall. This is because they do not have mechanical gears inside them, unlike their analog counterparts.

So what is your choice? I think it’s reasonable for every man to have their own personal taste in watches, no matter whether analog or digital. I personally like having both types for different occasions.

What movement?

The movement is undoubtedly the most important part of a clock. It is like the heart of a living being. Without a reliable movement, it fails to keep time and therefore its primary function fails.

None of the dozens of men’s watches can be classified as the best without this basic feature! There are basically three main types of movement.

Mechanical movement:

Mechanical movement

The movement of a mechanical watch is powered by a spring which must be wound manually. Once the spring is wound, it winds slowly and evenly, causing constant, smooth and gentle movement of the minute hand.

The longer the mainspring, the greater the power reserve of the watch.

Not all mechanical movements are created in the same way. Attention to detail and craftsmanship will determine its accuracy.

For many enthusiasts, the watches with mechanical movement represent the crème de la crème of the watches thanks to their traditional “pedigree” and the intricate and highly engineered work needed to create them.

For fans, being in possession of these models is not just a matter of having an accessory that can provide the time but rather a way to express one’s appreciation for the history, sophistication and craftsmanship needed to create them.

    • No battery is required. Since a mechanical watch is powered by a hand-wound spring, you will never have to go to a jeweler to replace the battery. When the ticking of the clock ceases, just rewind the spring.
    • Soft hand movement. For some people, a “smooth and smooth” movement of the minute hand is more aesthetically pleasing than the typical “tick tick tick” of quartz watches. If this is an important aspect for you, then opt for a mechanical watch.
    • Character. The engineering and the kind of work that needs to be done to create a mechanical watch is breathtaking. Inside the case there are small gears and springs that work together to trace the passage of time. Of course, mechanics is not always in plain sight, but this is part of the charm; a watchmaker has spent hours and hours perfecting a mechanism that is hidden from the eye. If you appreciate craftsmanship, then consider adding a mechanical watch to your collection.
  • The beauty of the ritual. For some, one of the charms that a mechanical watch has is linked to the fact that the owner must perform a manual action to keep it running. For some, this is a real ritual to be performed regularly and like any ritual connected to a passion, it is a real pleasure to be able to do it.
  • Requires regular wrapping. Although most of the charging springs on these watches can “guarantee” a two-day autonomy, it is advisable to rewind them once a day. As mentioned above, some people get pleasure from this, but others find it a nuisance.
  • Sensitive to the environment. Since a mechanical watch keeps time thanks to a set of intricate gears and springs, its movement can be very sensitive to the environment. Moisture, dust, bumps, and magnetic fields are the 4 black beasts of a mechanical watch. Fortunately, most modern variants have been designed to withstand these factors, but care should still be a key issue. If you usually visit places with high humidity, dirt and magnets, choose a quartz watch for everyday use and reserve the use of a mechanical watch for special occasions.
  • Loss of accuracy over time. If well done it can have an accuracy of 99.999% (ie a variation of about +/- 1 second per day), but with age and frequent use the precision begins to decrease. You will then need to bring your mechanical wristwatch from a jeweler every 5 to 10 years for tuning. It must also be said that not all mechanical watches are the same; some are more accurate than others. Finally, as already mentioned, environmental factors can jeopardize its accuracy. If accuracy is your top priority, then we recommend opting for a quartz watch.
  • Expensive. Everything that is artisan and precision mechanics will have an additional cost. While there are some good models around the $500, most will cost more, often much more.

Self-winding movement:

Template Movement and Caliber Water resistant Offers
Invicta Pro Diver 9937OB 
Swiss SELLITA SW200 movement  200 m Check out Amazon
Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB
Japanese movement SII-NH35A with 24 rubies  200 m Check out Amazon
Seiko SRPC51K1 Miyota automatic movement  100 m Check out Amazon
Seiko Diver’s SKX007K2
Automatic Seiko 7s26 caliber movement with 21 jewels  200 m Check out Amazon
August Steiner AS8025BK Automatic movement  30 m Check out Amazon
Citizen Watch Promaster BN0151-09L Caliber No .: 8203B  200 m Check out Amazon
Pantor Seahorse 1000m Automatic movement  1000 m Check out Amazon


These also have a mechanical core. However, the engine will shut down or continue to function based on the movement of the wrist and arm. The energy accumulated thanks to the movement of the wrist could allow the watch to run for a couple of days, even weeks, depending on the type.

This movement allows good precision in scanning time, even if less precise than quartz. Although I prefer models that use quartz movements, given the high precision and reliability, for you the best men’s watches could be powered by any of the above movements.

  • No battery required.
  • It does not require a manual winding. If repeatedly charging by hand it bothers you but you still want the refinement of a mechanical watch, then an automatic watch is a good compromise.
  • Smooth movement. Just like the hand-wound mechanical models, even the hands of automatic watches have a nice smooth and continuous movement.
  • Character. The same amount of engineering and construction art is found in an automatic watch as well as in a mechanical one.
  • Sensitive to the environment. The same environmental factors that alter the good functioning of a hand-wound watch can also be found in an automatic watch.
  • It must be stored in a watch rotor when not in use. If you wear it regularly, this type of watch does not require any intervention on your part as far as charging is concerned, but if you do not, you need to keep it in a watch rotor. These certainly represent an added expense if you want an automatic watch but they are relatively inexpensive and do not take up too much space.
  • Less accurate. If done well it can be as accurate as a well-thought-out mechanical watch, but it will lose some precision over time and need to be recalibrated.
  • Expensive. The same problem of mechanical movements. Craftsmanship and engineering are not cheap!

Quartz movement:

Template Personal notes Water-resistant Offers
Casio Vintage
Must have for vintage lovers.Extremely economical.  5 m Check out Amazon
Casio Edifice EF-547D-1A1VEF 
Excellent materials and reliable precision. Considered by many to be the best in terms of price/quality ratio  100 m Check out Amazon
Invicta Speedway – 9211
Excellent water resistance up to 200 m which allows its use also for aquatic activities.  200 m Check out Amazon
Casio G-SHOCK – The GA 100-1A1 Precious, precise and durable watch at a very low price.  100 m Check out Amazon
Citizen Chrono Pilot Radio Controlled BJ7000-52E
Eco-drive, radio-controlled and super titanium case and strap.Features that make this watch one of the best models on the market.  200 m Check out Amazon
Bulova Moon
Extremely precise thanks to the special Precisionist movement with Bulova three-pole quartz crystal with 262 kHz vibrational frequency.Perfect for special occasions.  50 m Check out Amazon


This type of movement is considered the most precise movement that a watch can have and that is now found in many wristwatches for men but also in models intended for women.

Watches of this type work with a single battery and can last for a very long time.

Quartz is also the most popular choice for most modern products. Not only because it is precise, but also because it is easier for manufacturers to implement in their products. You can see this movement in action in many collections such as CasioCitizenFossilInvictaSeiko and more.

  • Extremely precise and accurate. Quartz is by far the most precise of all movements. It will never be forward or back even 1 second for the whole day.
  • Less maintenance. In addition to changing the battery, there is very little maintenance to do on a quartz watch.
  • Durable. As they have few moving parts subject to wear, watchmakers will only be able to “see through your binoculars” your quartz watch. It is not so sensitive to the four black beasts mentioned above and is therefore ideal for every working and/or recreational circumstance and is perfect for everyday use.
  • Cheap. It is possible to buy a quartz watch for the price of a few tens of dollars. Obviously you will have to spend a little more if you want some more advanced features but still remain cheaper than the mechanical and automatic variants.
  • Jerky movement. The movement of the second hand is not “smooth and sweet” like that of the movements seen before. In other words, you will hear the typical ticking of the hand.
  • Less romantic. The best of the quartz watches will never have the charm, the character and the romanticism that instead characterize the mechanical models, for the simple reason that they don’t have the history, the artisan technique and the engineering that these last ones possess.

The crystal of a men’s watch
sapphire crystal watch

Crystal is another important element that you should pay close attention to. As with the types of movement, there are basically 3 main materials used to create the crystal.

  • plastic
  • mineral
  • synthetic sapphire.

Plastic, or acrylic if you prefer, is mostly used in digital watches. Its biggest advantage is the great ability to withstand but is more vulnerable to scratches. However, scratches can be removed easily(if of a minor entity). Furthermore, models with this type of cover have low prices.

A mineral is another type of glass widely used. It consists of heat-treated glass, which can withstand both scratches and violent shocks. However, scratches cannot be easily removed, as is the case with plastic. Furthermore, this type of crystal is not as resistant as the sapphire. Then we can say that it represents a happy medium.

Finally, synthetic sapphire is the hardest of all types of crystals. Although artificial, it is so hard to resist all types of scratches, except those caused by diamond. It is not unbreakable, but it is really difficult for it to break during normal daily activities. Sapphire is a bit more expensive than other materials.

This is why men’s watches that have a sapphire crystal are often sold at much higher prices. But it’s worth it in my opinion if you don’t want to see your accessory damaged beyond repair.

The shield that protects the watch: The case

The crate is another important part to which you need to pay attention. It is like a shield that protects from bumps, various damages and scratches.

The most common material is stainless steel. It is a heavy material, used mainly in aviation watches and sports watches .

The main advantage of this material is its resistance against scratches and accidental impacts.

It is also a good anti-corrosion material. The only disadvantage it presents is that some men, who have sensitive skin, maybe allergic to it. However, this is very rare.

Another excellent material used to cover the case of a men’s wristwatch is gold, especially 18k gold. 18k gold alloys are malleable and can be transformed into 3 colors, thus obtaining different colors ranging from yellow to pink / red and white.

It is also a durable material that manufacturers mainly use for complicated chronographs, such as those with a perpetual calendar, tourbillon, etc. Surely the biggest drawback of a men’s watch with a gold case is the price since gold is already an expensive metal in itself.

The third material used for the case is titanium. It is lighter than the first-mentioned but very resistant and does not cause allergies. It can also withstand almost all types of corrosion and can withstand very high temperatures. The silver color of titanium makes the use of these accessories as real jewels very interesting.

But like any other material, titanium has its Achilles heel. It scratches a little more easily than stainless steel and scratches are very difficult to remove.

The strap is an important style element of men’s watches

The strap is an important style element of men's watchesThe function of the strap is to give a particular style to the watch and therefore to the man who wears it. The materials used for the straps are basically four. They can be in leather, nylon, rubber and metal of various kinds.

The leather can come from skins of different animals such as cow, horse, crocodile, pig, calf and even ostrich. This type of strap is often found in sports and classic watches, giving the latter touch of extra elegance.

Many manufacturers are increasingly using this type of strap for their products lately. Even if men’s watches with leather straps are certainly among the most appreciated, it doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd! Always choose according to your personal tastes.

Nylon is another material often used for the straps of more modern models. It is inexpensive and can be replaced easily. You can see these types of straps in most fashion watches, especially for women, as they are available in a wide range of colors that give that touch of “energy” and joy that people love.

Men who love diving in search of diving watches will often encounter straps made of elastic material. The reason for choosing this material is that it exhibits high water resistance and is comfortable on the wrist.

And last, but certainly not least, is the metal bracelet. Often the bracelet will be made of the same material as the case. So, if the case is made of metal, the bracelet will most likely be too.

The same applies to gold and titanium. The advantages of metal bracelets are quite obvious. They are much more resistant than other materials, often giving a more elegant appearance and keeping the wrist cool during hot days.

Special functions of a clock

To talk about the special functions 10 pages would not suffice as there are myriads that the manufacturers incorporate in their products in order to provide greater value to customers.

But there are some special features that are often found in different models, such as luminous hands for easy reading even in dark environments, day/date indicator, GMT display, alarm, compass, altimeter and more.

There are also special models, fitness watches, which are profoundly different from ordinary wristwatches. These devices are in fact equipped with functions such as monitoring sleep, heart rate, calories burned during the day and many other features dedicated to all those who practice sports or who somehow want to monitor their state of well-being.

Another type of technological devices belonging to the so-called wearable category are GPS watches. These are interesting products. They can also be used to improve and monitor sports performance, but being equipped with a GPS function, in addition to those who practice running or swimming, they are particularly useful during mountain excursions (and outdoor activities in general) as they allow to trace the paths.

Anyway, my advice is to still prefer a wristwatch that offers exactly what you need and not one with 1000 functions, as it could be much more expensive and you wouldn’t use all the functions anyway.

Waterproof or water-resistant men’s watches. What exactly does that mean?

Waterproof or water-resistant men's watches

The term waterproof or water-resistant refers to the ability to withstand static water pressure.

A waterproof or water-resistant men’s watch might not be a great watch but those of a certain “caliber” should have this feature. So keep that in mind.

One of the most important things that such a product must-have is a screw-down crown. This acts as a security seal, able to protect the internal parts from the damage that water can cause.

If you are not sure of the pressure that a waterproof watch can withstand during daily activities follow these simple rules:

  • Water-resistant: it only resists splashing water and rain;
  • Water Resist 5BAR: suitable for daily use, such as bathing, showering or handwashing;
  • Water Resist 10BAR: suitable for example for frequent swimming and snorkeling;
  • Water Resist 20BAR: indicated for example for diving without cylinders.

The prices and styles of men’s watches

Style is a matter of personal choice. So I won’t go too far into this topic. But let’s take a look at some examples, which can make you understand how you should choose a wristwatch that best suits your needs.

If you are a businessman and you need to meet with clients or hold meetings, consider taking watches with a metal case and bracelet as, in those situations, it fits much better than one with a nylon strap.

On the other hand, you may want to wear one with a nylon strap if, for example, you plan to go out and walk with your friends on a nice summer day.

And for prices, well, just don’t go broke even if others tell you that their luxury watches are the most beautiful and performing men’s watches you should consider.

If you have no money to waste, but you are a fan, or have no special needs, a watch for the price of a few hundred dollars or less, with multiple functions, like the ones I listed above, should be enough. I assure you that there are dozens and dozens of very beautiful and above all functional models that do not even reach 100 dollars.

My advice is to search for online stores. Very often these have lower prices than “traditional” stores for the simple reason that they have lower management fees. Among all, Amazon is the best, not only because it is known all over the world for its seriousness and professionalism but also because it has the best products and at the lowest prices of all. Seeing is believing


If you had the patience to read this guide to the end, you will surely understand what the most important parts of a men’s watch are and what their main characteristics should be. There would certainly be many other things to discuss but I believe that with the information that I have provided up to here, you will be able to choose from the hundreds of models the one that best suits your needs and do it with greater awareness, based not only on appearance but also on the functionality of the product.


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