The best watches to buy from 50 to 300 Dollars

The best watches to buy from 50 to 300 Dollars

With the arrival of smartphones and now even smartwatches, there are many who wonder what it is like to buy a watch today. The technology is projected forward, but the understanding of this object/tool has gone in the opposite direction.

Especially for a man, a watch on his wrist is and will always be a trailer of his personality. That the timepieces have always been the first and most important masculine accessories can also be seen from the attention that was once devoted to which model to wear in every different occasion of the day.

The greatest watchmakers in the world, those who direct time from their mind to metal to finally take life, declare that today the mechanical clock (NDR and even quartz ) is anachronistic. But it has not yet been invented a better object to wear than in addition to providing a useful feature like the time is able to express the style of the wearer. And the watch knows how to do it even through a careful selection of details such as dials and straps.

Instead, the parallel with the high-tech world is noticeable when it comes to buying.

Most of those who want to buy a watch are entitled to luxury brands and to everyone at the top of Rolex which, in particular, is good for the product, and is above all perceived as the iPhone by a status testimonial.

The fact is that – as is normal – many who wish a crowned watch cannot afford it. So? Then high demand fuels the replication market. Thus the situation that is determined can be summarized in a sentence:

“I buy the most desired watch (fake – copy) because I want to show (believe) that I arrived (equally false)”.

True or false or replica a wristwatch never lies always reflecting the image of the wearer.

Returning to the point, it is not necessary to spend more than 7,000 dollars to put on the wrist a companion who says who we are and giving us a lot of satisfaction.

Thanks to the enormous offer, looking around, there are plenty of opportunities to buy a “real” nice watch at a more than affordable price.

Here are the quick links to go directly to each of the recommended watches.

  1. Timex Expedition® Scout
  2. Casio G-Shock (3 models)
  3. Braun BN0021
  4. Seiko 5 Sports
  5. Seiko 007
  6. Orient Ray II
  7. Bulova Heritage
  8. Tommy Hilfiger
  9. Mondaine Evo
  10. Bulova Heritage Chronograph


And now finally we start with the best watches to buy, spending only 50 to 300 dollars at the moment.

Timex Expedition® Scout

Timex Expedition® ScoutA nice Timex vintage military look for less than $50!

Timex was founded in 1854 – A forty years before Hamilton the old American watch brand. It goes without saying that all the military watches that came out of the historic Waterbury site in Connecticut, in addition to having participated in all the wars of the last century, it have left an indelible mark among the enthusiasts. The collection of which I propose the reference with beige nylon strap is a myth that is unbelievable if we think it costs less than 50 dollars. 40 mm steel case, mineral glass and INDIGLO® light – Timex proprietary night lighting system: pressing the standard crown illuminates spheres and even the entire dial. It costs less than 50 dollars!

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock GA700CM-3A

In the next buy of a wristwatch we decided to spend less than two hundred dollars but even spending much less than half we can still put on our wrist  G-Shock, although it is certainly not traditional watchmaking – from January 1983 to August 31 last the indestructible has marked the incredible milestone of 100 million pieces sold. There is a flood of G-Shock: from under 100 to 1000 dollars, colored, and also connected.


Braun BN0021BKBKG

Braun BN0021BKBKG

Designed in the 80s, the Braun BN0021 came to light along with other table and wall timepieces, all identical to each other. It is a continuation of the Bauhaus minimalist school that has found a great interpreter in Max Bill in watchmaking. Simple, monochromatic, three hands of immediate readability with that fascinating touch of yellow. There is also a version with a more “rigorous” white dial. You may like the opposite but surely the wearer never goes unnoticed. Aesthetically it is so linear that even the handles are absent: the strap seems to come out of the watch itself. The case is 38 mm wide, an ideal size. Lots of class at a plastic watch price and it’s under 200 dollars.


Seiko 5 Sports

Seiko 5 Sports SNZG15K1

Seiko is one of my favorite brands and the 5 Japan series offers infinite quality and affordable variations. The first reference I chose for this guide to cheap watches of note is an SNK acronym that identifies the military models of the collection. Its case measures 42 mm in diameter, has a fascinating opaque black dial – type Khaki – and to move it is the 7S36C proprietary automatic movement (self-winding, charging takes place only in automatic and not also in manual mode) with an indestructible spiral in Diaflex. It is water resistant to 100 meters. In the version with a nylon strap, it does not even reach half of the budget that we have proposed.


Seiko 007

Seiko 007

In every purchase list, the Seiko Diver 007 can never miss! Time passes but the Seiko SKX007 is there, as much desired as possible; inevitable even for those who intend to start making a small collection. It appears in the typical Seiko Diver case – with the crown at 4 o’clock – which, although measuring 42.5 mm, a little for its reduced handles and for its not inconsiderable thickness, the end is fine on any wrist. The matte black dial with the “freccione” at 12, the word “Diver’s 200m” in red, and the buckskin indexes without small glasses surround the vintage air pulse. Also, it’s self-winding movement with a wide precision gap, declared by Seiko itself in the order of -20 + 40 seconds per die. In Tokyo, they are serious and honest. The objective was not certain to provide chronometric performance than instead to realize the diver’s watch with the most affordable and fascinating automatic movement there is.



Orient Ray II

Orient Ray II

Who doesn’t know Orient? An ancient brand of the Rising Sun where the price/quality ratio touches impressive levels. The Ray II successor of the famous Ray is a classic style diving watch with excellent performance and spending 3.5% compared to the amount you should pay for a basic Submariner. Steel case and bracelet – 120 shots rotating the bezel, proprietary movement F6922 self-winding caliber that now no longer needs the second crown at 2 o’clock. There is also the precious function of the second stop ideal for adjusting the time by synchronizing it with a time signal. Robust and reliable, the Ray II is available in several other colors.


Bulova Heritage

Bulova Heritage Solotempo

To the many who have gone unnoticed, the Bulova Heritage in a steel version with three hands is a remarkable gem. A thick ring with a rounded design that connects with that short loops, a very clean black dial, with traditional sword-shaped spheres, Arabic numerals, and the inevitable vintage sign of the chemin de fer minute scale, make this Heritage a delightful “Dress watch”. Your grandfather will smile as soon as you tell him: “I bought a Bulova!.


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Watch-1791421

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that stands out for its ability to combine quality, elegance, sportiness and fashion. In this guide, we propose this model which is really very beautiful, original and suitable for more personality types. Thanks to its electric blue color with the Navy mesh strap, this watch is characterized by a truly unique design. Thanks to the price range in which it is also positioned, it definitely remains one of the best men’s wristwatches. Tommy Hilfiger best man wrist watch is the perfect model to give to a special person with a unique personality.




Mondaine Evo

Mondaine Evo

The official watch of the Swiss Railways born – as it still hangs in the stations today – starts in 1944 but it finished on the wrist only in 1986. The minimalist and essential lines with that iconic little ball on the tip of the seconds have fascinated everyone, Apple including that after having naively put it in the watch of its IOS devices years ago, it had to pay Mondaine a fine of millions of dollars. Very recognizable on the wrist for its unique design, it is the timepiece to put on in a jacket and tie as in free time. I own a Stop2Go model that perfectly mimics the change of the minute of the railways following the stop of the second hand, but to buy it you have to spend a little more. I propose the 38 mm EVO model with a glossy finish case.



Bulova Heritage Chronograph

Bulova Heritage Chronograph

We close in beauty, that of the fascinating vintage chronographs of the 40s and 50s. And back to Bulova; looking again in his Heritage line, this time we extract a breathtaking bi-complex Chrono from the cylinder. Given that getting a Bulova (of the right model) on your wrist always arouses great excitement, the piece in question resumes and even from a distance the fantastic vintage Chrono that Longines once built as the 13ZN. Here we have no mechanical movement and no column wheel, but spending well below 300 dollars– and again with a brand like Bulova – in this price range after realizing that you are not in the middle of a dream you can jump for joy. Nothing is missing. Clearly, visible tachymeter scale marked on the inside of the dial, Arabic numerals, the date discreetly positioned at 6 o’clock and the inevitable pump buttons. The case is in steel with PVD coating in pink gold.